A Poem for the new Peacocks Development in St Marys Bay

I was sitting in my lounge

which looks out onto open fields

and my attention was drawn by

the flash of thunder as the light

railway train engine passed

narrowly by momentarily breaking

the scene.

There was a high wind that swirled

around the house throwing the trees

as if threatening the integrity of the

house, which stood intact ignoring 

the unfolding storm across the fields.

A room upstairs had a picture frame

window which took in the fields so well

that it looked like a great artists painting.

The are 5 bedrooms set on 3 floors 

all beautifully decorated and the

doors close with a solid reassurance which 

only a home designed by local architect

Guy Holloway could. 

There was a room upstairs where you could

hear the birds tweet and the sea was 

painted in the distance.

When the dyke across the drive filled with

rain water, ducks would bathe in it and 

even swans were seen to play.

It is very white, light and quiet here yet

not so far off the beaten track to 

walk to the beach and shops.

You park 3 cars and there is an electronic garage 

with a garden ample to sit and take in the unfolding

scene for the children and grand children to play

It could be a house for a couple of designers,

a house for a new or teenage family.

There was even a ground floor WC for

your elderly mum and dad.

It's all very stately!!

When you drive up to the house, it says

to you.........................

"This House Is Made For People"

"For People who know and care."

For People Like You.