10 Ways Estate Agents will lead you down the garden path

We’ve been looking at some of the weak promises unscrupulous estate agents make to get you to instruct them to sell your home. Their method is to use half-truths to get instructed rather than to effectively profile your particular situation and to develop a plan that is both realistic and meets your needs. So, here today, we thought we might expose some of the promises that are currently doing the rounds and to warn you before you fall into a lengthy, costly relationship.

Estate Agent Claims & Half-Truths

  • 1. They will promise to reduce the commission to a level where they are obviously going to make a loss
  • 2. Tell you that if you instruct them you will always sell your house for more than with any other agent.
  • 3. Tell you that they will sell your house faster than any other agent.
  • 4. Tell you that they have people lined up to buy your house now.
  • 5. Tell you that they have a smarter approach to guaranteeing you get the best price
  • 6. Tell you that you should instruct them because they have sold more houses than anyone else
  • 7. Tell you that you should instruct them because they are the oldest estate agent in the town
  • 8. Tell you that their new plush offices are going to fall in your favour
  • 9. Tell you that they advertise you more places and is obviously in your favour
  • 10. Tell you they have the greatest photographer in town

Why CR Child and Partners are different

In truth, every sale is different. Every home is different and every vendor has different circumstances. There are changes in circumstances to consider, property chains, conveyance factors, governing regulations and the housing market is volatile and constantly changing.

At CR Child and Partners we are aware of all these factors and when we meet you we will profile your circumstances in detail and be truthful about the likely length of time your property will take to sell and a price you are likely to reach.

We never lead you down the garden path.

We tell it as it is, not what we know you will want to hear, just so we win your instruction. Only to find months later that your house didn't sell for the price we advised you and you end up not meeting your expectations.

This is the essence of our promise to you.

Should you wish to learn more about our robust no nonsense approach to operating on your behalf please contact us in the first instance by calling our office on 01303-267421.